@RBReich: Your daily reminder that Mitch McConnell is the most corrupt and duplicitous politician in modern American history.

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@karrilevens: The spiritual world fears the light of Jesus. The spiritual world’s only purpose to corrupt and if it can’t corrupt the light of Jesus, it will come back and corrupt you. – Karri Levens #KarriLevens

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@BernieSanders: Why should we be surprised that in a corrupt system, the very, very richest people in this country pay, in a given year, ZERO DOLLARS in federal income tax?

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@MeidasTouch: Rick told us how we can take on the cowardly and corrupt GOP. Listen to the full interview and subscribe to the MeidasTouch Podcast:

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@BernieSanders: Larry Krasner’s grassroots campaign in 2017 for District Attorney of Philadelphia sparked a wave of progressive criminal justice reform across the country. He’s a fighter for the people and is successfully taking on a broken & corrupt system. I’m proud to support his re-election.

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