@StatusCoup: EXCLUSIVE: SC obtained audio from Feb. 2020 WV Dems executive committee meeting in which chairwoman Belinda Biafore-an ally of Joe Manchin-nominated several Black women to be added …without voting power.“It doesn’t dilute your all’s votes in any way”

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@kellabel: A nurse from Ohio is convinced that the #Covid19 vaccines have magnetic crystals in them. She testified at a state legislative committee to try and prove it. 😳This is disturbing coming from a nurse! #DemVoice1 #Fresh

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@RichardRubinDC: IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig just used the word “stimmies” at the Senate Finance Committee, as in “The stimmies have been fantastic for us in terms of getting into the communities.”

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@RoKhanna: Also @brianschatz what is @ginamccarthy46 thinking by saying she’ll pitch the American Petroleum Institute. We don’t need to pitch fossil fuel lobbyists! We must demand that the subsidies end, which they admitted were favoring them in my committee hearing with @GretaThunberg.

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@RBReich: Your reminder that all 4 of today’s House Republican leaders — minority leader Kevin McCarthy, minority whip Steve Scalise, conference chair Elise Stefanik (replacing Liz Cheney), and policy committee chair Gary Palmer — all voted to overturn Biden’s victory.

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@EENewsUpdates: Calif. Rep. Ro Khanna, a top Oversight and Reform Committee lawmaker, said he plans to invite fossil fuel and social media executives to testify on climate disinformation in the coming months — and that executives could face subpoenas if they don’t show.

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