@scottsantens: Flashback to June 2020 when it became abundantly clear to many more people that universal basic income should already exist and that UBI would work far better to keep people housed than postponing evictions.#ExtendtheMoratorium #EvictionMoratorium #EvictionCrisis

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@RBReich: Earlier this spring, it seemed as if Trump and COVID were gone, and Biden seemed surprisingly able to get the nation back on track. But it’s clear now that Trump’s legacy continues — and much is sliding backwards.My latest:

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@VP: Today’s GDP numbers make it clear: our economic plans are working. ✅ Millions of new jobs created✅ Fastest economic growth in almost 40 years✅ The economy back at pre-pandemic levels

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@PramilaJayapal: We’ve been clear from the beginning: we will not let up on our bold, progressive agenda.Americans gave us the mandate to lead and deliver necessary, transformational change for working families.We won’t let them down.

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@POTUS: Today’s announcement makes clear that the most important protection we have against the Delta variant is the vaccine. Although most U.S. adults are vaccinated, too many are not and that has to change. Get protected:

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@OurRevolution: “This isn’t about Nina versus any opponent; this is about the people versus big money. I think it’s extremely clear that @ninaturner is the candidate in this race that answers to the people of Ohio first & foremost.” – Rep. @AOC #HelloSomebody

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@VP: Let me be clear, the risk remains real — and is rising — for those who are unvaccinated. Please get vaccinated against this deadly virus.

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@VP: I want to make clear to Dreamers: America is your home. This is your home. And we see you, and you are not alone.

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@PramilaJayapal: And Republicans have already introduced over 350 MORE bills across the nation.The solution is clear: End the filibuster. Pass the For the People Act. Save our democracy.

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