@RBReich: Your reminder that all 4 of today’s House Republican leaders — minority leader Kevin McCarthy, minority whip Steve Scalise, conference chair Elise Stefanik (replacing Liz Cheney), and policy committee chair Gary Palmer — all voted to overturn Biden’s victory.

Nina Turner (@asaguarocactus) / Twitter

@morganloewcbs5: One of the most important stories and threads reported in AZ. The vitriol aimed at women in office who speak out, whether it’s @SecretaryHobbs, @kathyhoffman_az or Liz Cheney should make everyone sick. This is not right. Thanks to @DillonReedRose for reporting this.

Rev. Wendy Hamilton (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@renato_mariotti: Republicans complain about “cancel culture” but they’re trying to “cancel” Liz Cheney for speaking the truth about Trump’s attack on our democracy.

Charles M. Blow (@RoKhanna) / Twitter

@dpakman: I’m getting messages from people saying we should “support” Liz Cheney. Her demotion is representative of the absurdity of the Republican party, but what is there for the left to “support” her on?

David Pakman (@dpakman) / Twitter

@thehill: President Biden on Rep. Liz Cheney: “It seems as though the Republican Party is trying to identify what it stands for and they’re in the midst of a significant sort of mini-revolution.”

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