@scottsantens: GOP members of Congress don’t care about deficits or the national debt. They care about spending and taxing less. They love to cut taxes to increase deficits so they can declare that spending must be reduced. They love deficits. They use them. They just use them for their donors.

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@scottsantens: Republican members of Congress also aren’t wrong to not actually care about the deficit. They’re only wrong about how they use it. The deficit should be used to benefit ALL OF US, not only the rich, and the debt ceiling is a bogus limit on what we can do.

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@FundForHumanity: What is going on in Congress is proof positive that the 535 people we elected don’t care at all about us or the U.S.A., only about re-election and/or ideological purity.

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@democracynow: Rep. @RoKhanna says progressive Democrats won’t vote for a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the Senate unless the $3.5 trillion spending bill is part of the package. “We need the human investments in child care, in the expansion of Medicare.”

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@RoKhanna: Parents all over the country are caught in a cycle: they can’t afford child care so they reduce work hours, leading to less money coming in and more necessities having to be cut.Pass the Build Back Better bill, help families get back to work, help the economy.

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@thehill: Texas doctor who provided abortion in violation of new law: “I had a duty of care”

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@RoKhanna: We’re too focused on the price tag and not on the value.Investing in things like climate action, child care, and Medicare expansion creates both jobs and economic growth.

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@DataProgress: NEW: We polled voters in AZ, CO, GA, MI, MT, NH, NC, OR, PA, WA, WI, and WV on the Build Back Better Agenda. We find that voters overwhelmingly support the plan, investments in care, climate, citizenship, and the ways to pay for the package Full results:

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@scottsantens: We’ve now reached the point where Republicans are claiming voter fraud before elections have even happened. These people don’t care about democracy. It means nothing to them. But if people have no faith in elections after believing lies about fraudulent elections, what’s left?

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@RBReich: Child care. Universal pre-K. Free community college. Paid leave. Medicare expansion. Climate action. Taxes on the rich and corporations. It’s all in the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a fairer America.

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