@BernieSanders: On August 3rd, Seattle has the chance to elect some transformational candidates to local office. I’m proud to join my friend @PramilaJayapal in endorsing @MLorenaGonzalez for Mayor, @TeresaCMosqueda for City Council, and @HasegawaForPort and @hamdiforport for Port Commissioner.

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@OurRevolution: EXACTLY! “Candidates change – policy needs don’t.” #NotMeUs@FSingh_NYC @NYPANetwork

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@scottsantens: “Gerrymandering exacerbates voter polarization + cynicism. Because general elections are virtually meaningless for most seats in the House, candidates pander to the more partisan voters who show up for primaries.”Pass HR1 + open primaries + Fair Rep Act

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@scottsantens: According to the final round, Adams has the support of 50.5% of voters while Garcia has the support of 49.5% of voters. To anyone who disliked both Adams and Garcia, but liked Garcia more yet not enough to rank her, now you know it’s best to avoid leaving candidates unranked.

TexansAgainstGerrymandering (@scottsantens) / Twitter

@OurRevolution: “New York has passed the most progressive laws in the country — like bail reform, giving undocumented people driver’s licenses, etc. We were able to do that not just because of the Democratic candidates that ran, but because of the Democratic Socialists that ran.”

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@BernieSanders: In just two weeks, New Yorkers have the chance to elect candidates who understand that working people are hurting and the time is now for New York City’s government to represent ordinary people and not just the 1%.

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@OurRevNTX: 🎉2021 OUR REVOLUTION NTX RESULTS!🎉📣CONGRATS, to our victorious candidates! We are proud to see some familiar faces and welcome new Progressive Champions to city councils across DFW! 👏👏

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@MeidasTouch: Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law to punish social media companies for making private business decisions to ban political candidates. Legal experts @mspopok and @meiselasb explain why DeSantis has no idea how the Constitution works on today’s Legal AF. #LAF

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@AndrewYang: I love ranked choice voting and will respect the outcome on June 22nd. All candidates should make the same commitment for the good of the city and democracy.

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