@RBReich: Wealth and power are inextricably connected.The super-rich have bought armies of lobbyists to create and maintain tax loopholes large enough to drive their Lamborghinis through. It’s time for a wealth tax.

Robert Reich (@RBReich) / Twitter

@PramilaJayapal: The same man who bought a superyacht last month is now launching himself into space and auctioning another seat off for millions of dollars.Tax the rich. It’s time for them to pay their fair share.

Pramila Jayapal (@PramilaJayapal) / Twitter

@StrictlyChristo: HOA decided no flags allowed except the USA flag. Someone reported their Pride flag (up since 2016).Looking through the new rules, they noticed that removable lights are permitted without restriction so…they bought 6 colored floodlights and washed their house in pride colors.

Scott Santens (@busybid) / Twitter

@EricG1247: It was a 106° today where I’m at…”The traditional postal vehicles are not air conditioned”We bought a portable ac for my sister in law last year because her postal vehicle didn’t have ac.

Scott Santens (@busybid) / Twitter

@dpakman: All Americans have an unalienable right to Twitter and any limitation on access is an unconstitutional violation of rights granted by God. Also Americans don’t have a right to healthcare, that’s a product to be bought and sold on the free market for those who can afford it

David Pakman (@dpakman) / Twitter

@DebbieWisconsin: I bought us two of these — one for me, one for hubby. We were just talking about how cool it would be if we could find t-shirts that said we were vaccinated. Leave it to @MeidasTouch to come up with awesome ones! Now send us some warm weather so we can wear them. 😊

MeidasTouch.com (@MeidasTouch) / Twitter