@IlhanMN: Key policies that have been progressive sponsored bills for more than a decade and now being pushed by @POTUS:- Free pre-k and community college- Tax the rich and corporations- Paid family leave- Childcare and school mealsThat’s the power of organizing, let’s keep going 💪🏽

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@scottsantens: “47% of respondents said the $1,400 stimulus check amount should have been more, 15% said less, and 38% said just right.”One more check was never going to be enough. We have bills each and every month. Stimulus checks should be monthly until our economy has fully recovered.

Scott Santens (@busybid) / Twitter

@AthenaSalman: Press conference to protect voting rights has started! Strong turnout to oppose the anti-voting bills.

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@GunnelsWarren: The @SenSanders – @AOC Green New Deal for Public Housing Act would:-Improve housing for 2 million Americans-Create 240,000 good-paying jobs a year-Reduce public housing water bills by 30%-Reduce public housing energy bills by 70%Let’s get it done.

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@RepJayapal: Enough is enough.How many families have to lose a loved one and how many communities have to be terrorized by gun violence before the GOP stops blocking gun safety reforms. They won’t act so we must—eliminate the filibuster, pass these bills, save lives.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (@karrilevens) / Twitter