@FundForHumanity: Here is what Buckminster Fuller wrote on the subject: . Bear in mind, 1.3% of employed Americans are farmers or ranchers and they feed all the rest of us. What if we forced them to farm as they did in 1900, who would that benefit?

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@gregnasif: Anyone who understands why most businesses pay their employees on a biweekly or twice monthly basis implicitly understands why the Child Benefit should be disbursed on a monthly basis too.

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@gregnasif: The recovery is moving slowest for women with a child at home.When monthly Child Benefit checks begin in July, watch for this gap to begin closing.Direct cash makes working easier.

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@scottsantens: It’s helpful to read anti-UBI opinions like this to understand why the new monthly child benefit is such a big deal and should be made permanent. The checks are visible. Parents will know they’re getting them unlike an invisible tax subsidy. That’s a great thing and builds trust.

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@HumanityForward: America’s child-poverty slashing efforts in the American Rescue Plan are inspiring other monthly benefits around the globe.Italy’s Senate unanimously passes a child benefit of €250 per child each month:

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HumanityForward: 21 Senators are looking to avoid repeating what took place last summer, when a jobless benefit boost expired and contributed to millions of Americans falling into poverty. They’re behind the idea of monthly checks, and so are we.

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