@AndrewYang: While I’m in the Bay Area you know what company I love around here? @americangiant – clothes made in America. Got a hoodie a while back and loved it.

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@RoKhanna: 1️⃣ Relieve the burden on working families2️⃣ Fight the climate crisis3️⃣ Only cost $350 billion per year4️⃣ Pay for it by making sure corporations and the ultra-rich pay their fair share5️⃣ Create millions of jobs in the processThe Build Back Better bill is good economics.

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@RoKhanna: Progressives have been clear for months: we will vote to pass the President’s *entire* agenda, not just some of it.Infrastructure and reconciliation are insufficient alone. It’s time we back the President, and pass both together.

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@alex_lee: Caught up with @RoKhanna just before he goes back to fight for us in the budget negotiations! So much is on the line. Thanks to progressive leaders like Khanna pushing for a true people’s budget

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@RoKhanna: A strong, bi-partisan majority of the American public support cost-free, universal pre-k.The reconciliation bill would support families and small businesses alike by allowing parents to get back to work. Pass the Build Back Better plan.

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@RoKhanna: ✅ Millions of jobs✅ Support for families✅ Create a more equitable tax systemThe Build Back Better plan—the President’s plan—will take the burden off of our middle and working class while spurring the economy forward. We have to pass it.

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@RoKhanna: Parents all over the country are caught in a cycle: they can’t afford child care so they reduce work hours, leading to less money coming in and more necessities having to be cut.Pass the Build Back Better bill, help families get back to work, help the economy.

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@USProgressives: The U.S. government currently gives Big Oil and Gas more than $20.5 billion a year through tax breaks.It is past time we stop rewarding polluters for poisoning our communities and accelerating the climate crisis. To Build Back Better, we need to end fossil fuel subsidies.

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@RoKhanna: Last year, we saw the biggest shock to our economy in decades—and poverty still went down.Why? Because the federal government helped people get through it. We should keep showing the people that we have their back by passing the Build Back Better bill.

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