@NWSPhoenix: For most of Arizona, it’s running a little bit cooler than it was last night at this time, with Phoenix about 5 degrees cooler. Low temperatures will fall into the 50s for many of us tonight. #azwx #cawx

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@NWSPhoenix: When the outside temperature is 80°F, the inside of your car warms up to 114° in just 30 minutes. So can you imagine how hot it gets when temperatures outside are in the 90s? #azwx #cawx #wx #heat

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@NWSPhoenix: Sky Harbor has recorded 7 days in a row of 90+ high temps so far in April 2021. Turns out we have a long ways to go to beat the April record for consecutive days at or above 90°. The 1st 23 days of 1989 saw highs at/above 90 degrees! #azwx @SpikeWeather

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@NWSPhoenix: The warmest temperatures so far this year are expected this weekend. Remember to stay hydrated and limit your time outdoors! #azwx #cawx

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