@BBuchman_CNS: Rep. Khanna: Does it make your job harder when lawmakers in this body are praising the protesters, some of them saluting them (referring to Josh Hawley)Wray: I understand why you’re asking the question but its best for me as FBI not to weigh in on certain people’s rhetoric

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@karrilevens: Who in their right mind would pretend to be a follower of Jesus and then private message a married Christian woman asking for her number and tell her she lives in a nice place? Creepy stalker! I blocked him!

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@lflorepolitics: Rep. Ro Khanna (D) CA asking Christopher Wray, “Was there an intelligence failure of the FBI if Parlour and half of the Internet knew of the chatter about the insurrectionists and the FBI did not?”

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@UnPACGW: There has been some news coming out of West Virginia that has a lot of us asking, where do we go from here? Join us this Tuesday to talk campaign strategy and direct action. #ForThePeopleAct #S1

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@AustinTSearle: I am grateful to everyone reaching out asking where you can chip in to our campaign to defeat @SenMikeLee Retweets are just as important as dollars to get our word out. If you are in a position to make a contribution please consider chipping in here:

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@RealDonalDrumpf: Bad Hombres @MeidasTouch are asking so-called “stand up” comedian @CaslerNoel which of my kids will do worst in prison. Very unfair! Everyone knows Eric stole from kids with cancer. DO NOT RETWEAT!

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@ErieNotEerie: Why should we ask the GOP if they’re okay with a January 6th commission? I don’t recall asking the Nazis if they were okay with the Nuremberg trials. Or asking al-Qaeda if they were okay with the 9/11 commission. Let’s move forward *without* the GOP.

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@AarikaRhodes: People keep asking me if I support @AndrewYang. The answer is YES! He is my friend and you don’t “unfriend” someone just because you disagree. 1: I don’t have ANYONE in my life I agree w/ 100% of the time.2: I try and give people grace and room to grow. We are ALL imperfect.

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@OurRevolution: TODAY:Alongside @51for51 and 100+ organizations, we are asking @SenGaryPeters to hold a hearing on #DCStatehood in the Senate.Read below, then call your Senator to prioritize statehood: (202) 224-3121

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