@c_a_nicholas: Did you hear about this @scottsantens?”Pelosi rattled off several reform concepts that have emerged as a part of income disparity conversation. They include proposals [such as]… forming a system of guaranteed income for everyone.” 👀#UBI

C.A. Nicholas (@scottsantens) / Twitter

@OurRevolution: “As small as it is —there’s still a significant and important component of the Democratic Party in West Virginia that’s progressive.” @Sen_JoeManchin

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@OurRevolution: “As a result of qualified immunity, police killings regularly happen with virtual impunity. It’s long past time for that to end.” #EndQualifiedImmunity

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@CuomoPrimeTime: Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna says Facebook is within their rights to determine who publishes on the platform “as long as they are being consistent.”“They’re making a judgment that they don’t want speech that’s going to incite violence…I think that’s perfectly appropriate.”

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