@AndrewYang: While I’m in the Bay Area you know what company I love around here? @americangiant – clothes made in America. Got a hoodie a while back and loved it.

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@slorantes: A powerful read.”We have accomplished so much, & yet we are so short of our full potential, things might just turn around & start going the other direction. We can’t let that happen.We must escape that future & together discover a better one.””…we must escape together.”

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@scottsantens: I’m back in New Orleans as of last night and I’m also feeling very fortunate that my home was untouched, and has electricity, water, and internet. It also feels very weird to feel like things are so normal when I know things remain far from normal for many of those around me.

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@dpakman: Just went to an ATM for the first time in almost two years, barely recognized the new hundred dollar bill. How long has this been around?

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@scottsantens: Let’s go back to the invention of private property and discuss what it’s called when we put a legal fence around Earth’s natural resources and then started forcing those outside the fence to work for those inside it.UBI restores our freedom by returning our natural inheritance.

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@rebecca_boubel: Definitely around the days surrounding 1/6, the insurrection. This is beyond incitement with dangerous threats-not just rhetoric by a government official. They’re trying to incite a coup or a government takeover by force?! Law enforcement better be prepared.

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@RBReich: The Texas legislature just passed its egregious voter suppression bill.Meanwhile, voting rights legislation languishes in the Senate because Manchin and Sinema refuse to work around the filibuster.This is how democracy dies.

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@KarlWiderquist: Somebody painted this image on an access hole cover in New Orleans on Oak near Joliet. Apparently they’ve done several around town. And I don’t know who they are. The twitter address it shows doesn’t exist. @scottsanten @johnhuynhNOLA @RobertWinfieldT

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@AndrewYang: I was at a small meeting with James Carville in 2017. I said I was running for President. It was, at the time, a crazy statement. After a moment, he said “Why not? We need some new blood and ideas around here.”

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@AndrewYang: My 8 year old: “Ah, why are we doing this?” Me: “Complaining doesn’t help and it irritates those around you. Do something to improve the situation.”

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