@OurRevolution: “Even with clear public health implications, the safety of tear gas products sold in the U.S. appears to be largely left to the discretion of the manufacturers – a shocking gap in regulation given the hazardous nature of the chemicals.” – @AOC & @CoriBush

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@thehill: Video appears to show Oregon Republican telling protesters how to enter state Capitol

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@thehill: Jeffries, chairman of the House Democratic caucus, also called for an ethics probe into Rep. Taylor Greene’s “threatening behavior” after she aggressively confronted Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, saying it appears the “so-called congresswoman” is “stalking her.”

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@dpakman: I agree with the coming changes to outdoor masking which appears totally unnecessary, but why tell others to take it off any more than you’d tell someone to take off a winter hat in summer, if that’s what they want to wear?

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