@JoeBiden: You’re not gonna find anyone who knows how to get more done for Virginia than @TerryMcAuliffe.

Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) / Twitter

@fred_guttenberg: .@ericswalwell, you are a friend. Most do not know just how close we are. You are a hero. As for @TuckerCarlson calling anyone a coward, he has refused to have me on his show. I even handed him my card 2 years ago and he said he would. He is a pathetic coward and a lowlife.

Fred Guttenberg (@MeidasTouch) / Twitter

@RBReich: CEO-to-worker pay ratio:Coca-Cola: 1,621-to-1Levi Strauss: 661-to-1McCormick & Co: 585-to-1Carnival: 490-to-1Unisys: 313-to-1Tyson Foods: 294-to-1Does anyone else see a problem with this picture?

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@VP: Your vote is an expression of the power of your voice. Don’t let anyone take that power away.

Vice President Kamala Harris (@VP) / Twitter

@scottsantens: Be afraid of what rich kids are born with and the rich enjoy as passive income. Be very afraid. Passive income will harm anyone who isn’t of the proper class. It’s for your own good to work to exist. Just look at what happens to poors who get rich without “properly earning it.”

Russel L. Honore’ (@scottsantens) / Twitter

@RoKhanna: How the U.S. ranks among major developed countries:Life Expectancy: LastHealthcare Spending: HighestWe’re spending more and getting less than anyone else in the world. It’s time for Medicare for All.

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@VP: Today, I spoke with activists about how we can defend and strengthen voting rights in Michigan and across the country. Our vote is our power—and we can’t let anyone take it away.

Vice President Kamala Harris (@VP) / Twitter

@BernieSanders: In case anyone forgot, we have been going through a global pandemic filled with enormous loss. Does anyone seriously doubt the fact that there is tremendous pain and suffering all throughout this country? We can and we must provide real relief to working people.

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@karrilevens: Influence, inspire, promote peace and kindness! It does not matter what ones political views are. People can still be political and be respectful. I cannot support anyone that insults others even if the people they are insulting are public figures. Peace not hate! #KarriLevens

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