@BBuchman_CNS: Another GOPer calls to adjourn. Motions made while Rep. Ro Khanna questioning Wray, Flynn, Piatt. More chatter, infighting. Raksin: GOP doesn’t have floor. Khanna: “We had an insurrection, we don’t need disruptions here. Can we allow the democratic process to continue please?”

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@azstateforestry: Just another day on the job for our #Tucson hand crew. The Type 2 crew is assigned to the #TelegraphFire & lending a hand in more ways than one. A big thank you to all of our wildland firefighters for their hard work & dedication. Stay safe! #AZFire #AZFire @AZCorrections

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@amvetsupport: I have such respect for General Honore. When you see yet another trump call for armed violent insurrection, it should make every veteran’s blood boil. When the hell will these traitors be held accountable

Scott Santens (@scottsantens) / Twitter

@FundForHumanity: Here is another way to build trust : In any group, create an individual life line, with events on the Y axis and dates on the X axis. Plot the ups and downs of your life when they occurred and share them with the others. Amazing what an icebreaker that is.

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@RoKhanna: It’s past time to repeal the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force.We must not allow ourselves to get sucked into another endless war.

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@HStarshot: Equality isn’t just another word. It’s a way of caring about the great people of our country and world.#DemCoalitionDay

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@UBIToday: IMPT post about why cutting off unemployment insurance early is all politics, not economics. “Sympathy for the unemployed disappeared the minute some people got two vaccine doses.” Another example of how politicians cares more about politics than people.

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@OurRevolution: The Biden Administration has an opportunity to take pre-emptive action to prevent another housing crisis. Foreclosures are inhumane – PERIOD.Don’t backtrack, @POTUS!

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@VP: The United States and Mexico share history and family. Our economies are tied, and our security relies on one another. I am here in Mexico City to renew our nation’s important partnership with Mexico.

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