@RoKhanna: We pay our taxes knowing they’ll be sometimes used for things we don’t agree with or benefit from. We should use taxpayer money to do as much good as we can. Forgiving student debt for working families is an investment in our younger generations.

Ro Khanna (@RoKhanna) / Twitter

@PramilaJayapal: If we lower the Medicare eligibility age to 60, 23 MILLION more people would be covered.We don’t need to pick between added benefits OR lowering the eligibility age. We can and must do BOTH in the reconciliation package.Sign on if you agree:

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@BillKristol: I’m back in the office after a stimulating lunch with @RoKhanna and see he’s tweeted about it. Which is fine! But not with some on the Left! I’m sure Ro can take the heat. As for me, I benefited from our talk, and admire Ro’s willingness to argue—and occasionally (gasp!) agree.

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@OurRevolution: We agree w/ @SenSchumer’s repeated promise ‘failure is not an option’ when it comes to voting rights. The only thing standing in the way is the rigged filibuster rule. We urge you to hold another vote on voting rights legislation before the August recess.

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@scottsantens: Still working on my MMT-UBI article, but this one by @RichardJMurphy just won a well-deserved award for what I agree needs to get a lot more focus in MMT discussion, which is the valuable role it can play in tax reform by understanding taxes differently.

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@representus: Want to talk about our democracy while you celebrate it? 🇺🇸 This July 4th, you can actually get your liberal aunt and right-wing uncle to agree on something:

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