@representus: Our massive Week of Action officially kicks off today 🎉 RepresentUs members are showing up in cities across the country to get the #ForThePeopleAct passed BEFORE gerrymandering starts on August 16th!Learn more and RSVP to an event near you 👇

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@karrilevens: I seem to always be where the action is but I never pressed record. – I had 20 police SUV’s flying past me while I’m working. – When the cops have their guns drawn at the trailer park at work.- Or the cops were chasing an SUV in the wash. Time to start pressing record! 🎥

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@OurRevolution: Absolutely TERRIFYING.We cannot wait any longer. We must take BOLD climate action now!!! #ClimateCrisis

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@OurRevolution: EXACTLY, Rep. @AyannaPressley! We cannot just return to the status quo. This moment calls for bold action & it’s time President @JoeBiden delivers on his promises & the demands of the American people. #BuildBackBold

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@RoKhanna: Fossil fuel companies talk a big game about fighting the climate crisis while secretly funding climate misinformation to grind any action in Washington to a halt.I haven’t forgotten. Fossil fuel executives will answer the American people’s questions.

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@BernieSanders: July 2015: hottest July on recordJuly 2016: hottest July on recordJuly 2017: hottest July on recordJuly 2018: hottest July on recordJuly 2019: hottest July on recordJune 2021: hottest June on record Yeah. It’s time we got our act together and took bold action on climate.

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@BernieSanders: In just the last month’s time:- temperatures of 121° in British Columbia- wildfires burning across the United States- deadly flooding in China and in Europe- drought throughout more than 95% of the American WestBut bold action on climate is ‘extreme’? Give me a break.

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@thehill: Watchdog: Lack of action from the Defense Department may have led to “preventable” toxic chemicals exposure

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@BernieSanders: Look around the globe. The climate crisis is wreaking havoc day after day, in city after city. We need nothing less than radical action on climate, and we need it now.

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