@kenjaminyang: 85% of capital gains exemptions goes to 2.7% of Canadians, costing Canada $9B/year.Meanwhile, business startups have declined 13% since early 2000s, according to @FraserInstitute.#BasicIncome could be more economically productive in spurring new business investments.

Benjamin Kucher (@asaguarocactus) / Twitter

@CNN: Walter “Fritz” Mondale, who served as vice president under then-President Jimmy Carter before waging his own unsuccessful White House bid in 1984, has died, according to a family spokesperson. He was 93.

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@ZachandMattShow: NEW: Andrew Yang has the most donations in the mayoral race from employees of Amazon, according to @AnnaESanders. Yang has received 59 total donations from Amazon employees, at an average of $46.51 per donation.The next closest is Dianne Morales with 14 donations.

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