@scottsantens: This is a fun anecdote of how the enhanced monthly CTC plus anime led to a family trying new foods.”Her son started asking about trying new ingredients he’d learned about from watching anime. She bought him bok choy and experimented with new meals.”

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@AndrewYang: Monday on I interview our very own @Zach_Graumann on his new book “Longshot” about the unlikely rise of the Andrew Yang campaign 😀🚀

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@thehill: “Both Democrats and Republicans are wrong about student debt cancellation” (@TheHillOpinion)

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@RoKhanna: Big Oil companies have lied about climate change for DECADES.Now, while they jack up gas prices and gouge consumers at the pumps, they want us to believe it’s “out of their control.” Ridiculous.

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@thehill: “The Biden team is misleading the public — and themselves — about the Iran deal” (@TheHillOpinion)

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@dpakman: I’ve been posting on Troth Sensial for a few days and it’s very unhinged. Here’s a response to a post about the Dinesh D’Souza film

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@AndrewYang: Here’s the fundamental issue – a problem is worth more to politicians and parties unaddressed because you can get your people angry about it.

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@dpakman: Ever wonder about why so many right wingers randomly capitalized words? I asked Bobby Piton, a Republican running in Illinois, who does it himself

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@UBIToday: From #BasicIncome to #ChildTaxCredit, learn from leading experts (like @scottsantens) about what all these developing social initiatives can mean for you and your family.

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@dpakman: I have absolutely no idea who @hasanthehun and @h3h3productions are talking about in this video, but I love the name check and also I’m convinced at some point Hasan will say my last name correctly

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