@scottsantens: “Dillon has been working from home since the start of the pandemic and her 10-year-old daughter learns remotely. She said utility bills and household expenses increased because of more time spent at home. She said she is able to pay those bills because of the CTC expansion.”

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@karrilevens: I’m finally starting to learn more about this camera. I was able to zoom in closer to the moon tonight. #moon #Moonlight #MoonLovers

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@HumanityForward: Child Tax Credit recipients, how many of you have been able to return to work or increase your work hours because of your CTC payments?For those without kids, do you know people who have been able to return to work because of the CTC?

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@TraceyHTweets: Four adults in our household. All voted NO and sent back our ballots two weeks ago. We believe in vaccinating everyone in California, so they can lead long and healthy lives here and are able to vote in the next election! Vote blue in 22…and beyond!

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@nowhannahwon: Data from basic income pilots show that recipients were able to afford costs associated with finding and keeping a job like transportation, work clothes, and childcare.Most significantly, people had the financial capacity to take time off to interview for better jobs.#UBI

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@scottsantens: Because Rogan threw everything at his Covid, he can’t point to any one thing as helping, but even if he only used ivermectin, he still wouldn’t be able to point to that either without a control group. He can say ivermectin didn’t hurt him. He can’t say it’s better than a placebo.

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@scottsantens: She couldn’t have afforded to look for someone to give her money in exchange for work unless she was first able to give someone money in exchange for work. Understand how this stuff works yet? Income is primary. It takes money to make money. An income floor makes work possible.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (@scottsantens) / Twitter

@UBIToday: As robots become more competent they will be able to do many jobs people work at today. @elonmusk sees this. Gerald Huff saw it too & was a passionate advocate for #UBI. This became mission of @FundForHumanity – to accelerate the adoption of UBI.

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@davidshepardson: .@RepKatiePorter @RoKhanna lead letter to @DrWoodcockFDA: “Parents need to know when their kids will be able to get vaccinated”

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@FundForHumanity: This is a stop-gap measure that increases a constrained, defined benefit. If your car breaks down, you should be able to decide how to spend the money you get when the need arises. Give people cash, let them decide (like you do) what to spend it on.

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