@FundForHumanity: The term “job” meaning a “paid position of employment” was coined in 1858. It’s a way to circulate money in an economic system but NOT THE ONLY WAY, especially not when the needs of society are not fulfilled. When the system is no longer working, UBI is the answer.

Gerald Huff Fund For Humanity (@FundForHumanity) / Twitter

@scottsantens: “Means-testing begets administrative burdens. Which means that some people, maybe many people, especially the people with fewest resources and most in need, will not receive benefits. This is the administrative burden Catch-22.”Universalism beats targeting. Stop means-testing.

Scott Santens (@scottsantens) / Twitter

@dpakman: As inflation and gas prices begin to settle over the next few months, how will they shift their narrative?

David Pakman (@dpakman) / Twitter

@RoKhanna: Right now, President Biden could sign an executive order and cancel student debt for millions of Americans.Why hasn’t it happened yet?It’s time to cancel student debt.

Ro Khanna (@RoKhanna) / Twitter

@AndrewYang: Having spent time in Georgia among many other states I think it ranks pretty high up there, definitely as a place to spend a couple months. Great people, excellent food, nice weather, and a lot of new good things happening.

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@StevenHill1776: New #Democracy-SOS article from @DaveDaley3 on low-turnout party primaries w/ low plurality winners.Add in safe Congressional districts &you have dangerous potential for extremists getting elected w/support from tiny numbers of voters @FairVote @Rob_Richie

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@dpakman: Now Republicans are fighting with each other over which mail-in votes should be counted in the Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary

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